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Jessica Postol, LMTPersonalized Bodywork is devoted to the health, healing, and vibrancy of our clientele and we're pleased to share some of the feedback of some of our most satisfied customers:


*****"Jessica is the most intuitive, caring, gifted healer who has ever worked on me.
I have been seeing her for more than 6 years and she has helped me through injury, pregnancy, athletic training, emotional changes, and everything else
and I can honestly say that I don't know if I would have been able to
handle the stress of life without knowing she is there to take care of me.
She is truly a gift." ~Rachel W. 


*****"Jessica is amazing and very knowledgeable about massage, stress levels, and healing. I have been seeing her for issues that occurred after a major car accident. She has helped my neck and back issues tremendously. I highly recommend her to anyone." ~AP


*****"I found Jessica to be very knowledgeable and insightful.  Her assessment was spot on, she was able to inform me of activities and postures that needed to be addressed.  She was very skillful in her ability to understand my activity level and to guide me to more informed movement.  Her massage was intuitive, she knew my trigger points before we discussed them.  To say that I found her massage beneficial just doesn't go far enough, I left feeling as though it was essential.  She was very aware of the demands on my hips and spine.  She understood the demands on my core and the impact on my joints.  As a dancer and movement professional, I found Jessica's abilities to go well beyond my expectations. My sessions with Jessica have changed the way I move everyday and allowed me to get the most out of my movement, when it is focused on dance.  I highly recommend her, she is focused, knowledgeable, insightful, and passionate about her craft and she has perfected it." ~Corinne C.


*****"Early in pregnancy, I was experiencing intense pain and discomfort, so I began seeing Jessica. She is extremely well-educated and specializes in prenatal massage. My stress and pain diminish with each stroke of her magic hands. It is such a relief, that for one happy hour, each month, I can completely relax, and just feel my muscles release one by one. It is amazing! Jessica also allows you to bring your newborn to your appointment, so you can come pre or post baby!
~Christina I.  


*****"Jessica is wonderful.  She is one of the best masseuses I've ever worked with.  Every time I'm in the Marfa region I stop in after the long drive from Austin." ~ Erika Wennerstrom


*****"Jessica provided just what I asked for.  A relaxing massage. She has many other talents, but this is what I wanted this visit. Thank you, Jessica!" ~ Cathy W


*****"I came to Alpine on a "motorcycle" weekend and happened upon Jessica! I have never had such an amazing massage. Jessica has a touch that does more than simply massage: it finds its way through muscle, tendon, and nerves to your soul! I have never been so sorry that a "massage session" ended. I absolutely cannot wait to return. Jessica : you are amazing!" ~ ML


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